Death Call !


Truth, love , faith , always end up in thunderous cries.

Soul’s vehemence are gone by seeing his beloved loving someone else.

Colours of the world are faded away.

Still the colour of happiness is grey, life with a black hue, love with a dark sight, faith with a red trust, walking having white lies.

I am a shore where the waves of this sea are coming ,no returning back.

Gentle touch of this air on my face, but its harsh

Fear of ascent top is no more but of a call.

My merriment lies in hers.

Cries of her are heartaches for me.

Never been mine, still luxuriating her head on my shoulders.
“She never been in ,but its a death call if she leaves this illusion of paradise”.


I write what i see, and feel what i breathe. Poetics, Realism is what i bathe in. Hope do i not that you see my words than just read?

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