Love In Grave.

By truth, kill me at once,
Why the incessant deception?
The fine breeze,
i unlatched the door for vehemences.
Lost a hold in that bright azure,
still clasping to see you.
Exigency of a sight filled the silence.
I woke up but still night is on my bed.
Screech in ears – i’ll live unbounded, years of lion – where am i in this clamor?
Splintered by the truth ,
all knows the falsity.
Can you hear me?
Feel the presence?
The street is left in a stony desolation.

“But i can smell a scent of plumeria from miles away , voice in every silence , fondle in pain and your love in grave”.


I write what i see, and feel what i breathe. Poetics, Realism is what i bathe in. Hope do i not that you see my words than just read?

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