Extant Letter…

Everything is precisely a fib,
Laze under deep, to wake you up at death bed,
For the life , you must,
For the death, its heretofore there.

Shh, don’t cry, you’ll be eavesdropped : schizophrenic.
I wish to sour, to taste the sweet zephyr,
Can i, can-i be unfettered…Unfettered from the chains of anxiety, that lugging me back into the river whenever i try to stand?

Dream the undreamt,
To discern the solicitousness  ,
Inculpate the heat , that burning you with its frore,
Don’t clasp, you need to be bold, to let go or to be unfold!

Grey i be,
For the rainbow of pang,
Am i being me?
Dirge i sang,
Dirge that arcane under my eyes, it comes out when it rains.

One last time, let me cry,
For, i live in ev’ry goodbye,
Fostered a bulwark against misery,
Still, in a forest i lay – to die .



I write what i see, and feel what i breathe. Poetics, Realism is what i bathe in. Hope do i not that you see my words than just read?

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