Once a deer!


Art by; Nidhi Dhomeja

Behold, oh please, to breathe

Bathe yourself in the gone river of lethe

And then ask not the pain stayed

So, the time when once we laid:

Didn’t all petals of your rose fall?

And you shed, for the age among

Vows you arise to sate your vanity;

Wildly turbulent to your tongue.


Whilst with the touch over touch, latched our soul

Under the sheet of white of yours and words remarked I – “is this what home looks like?”

And then replied the bays within thunders of scattered kohl – “an escape, if this what you meant”

“Let sore my nerves ‘neathe your bite,

A scar for the sake of nakedness

If autumn of the forest lived thousands falls, my dear, a taste of death”– when the breaths taken against glands, a voice of my mumbled.

“Sight and step, a step must be of one at a time, when a forest along with death you say, it’s not a life in nine;

Dear not, deer i am, where a scar of death is the innocence of a lamb.

Know you nothing about forest, where death is alive in every chorus” – as the blood drips over her lips, a blood of mine, she remarks the truth in her spoilt fine.

Once a dearer to my skin

Deer it was, dear akin

Heard a roar from the mouth of lone

Stared an eye as words braved by stone;

Once a Shikari chased by his hunt

A soul of pure, but rests weren’t.


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