Remained, ever since;

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Absolute eyes gazes…gazed all it absurd
For, is realism demonstrated or devastated?
Once from a mouth of strange, I heard –
“Truth is we, from us it has been created”

Foolish might I been, as craved I from then
On the remark of first from that once;
Sure was I not? A death disguised of all men?
Disguised as flesh, certainly
The then I asked about virtues and lies
And the winter wonders shook my sighs,
Let I tell earliest, don’t blame me.

             Spoke we from line to para, as sweet summer I saw a reaper,
Sowed I all was silence into words
And then came to the speech of a kind and words still weep her –
“Ostentatious virtues and comforting lie your tongue talks,” asked I in that night dreary, quite a truth she holds in lies comforting. When replied she –
“Comforting lies did not these Silent Vices mean, not always” eyes being narrowed I imagined, angling to the left of her head a slight, with a smile of death.

I knew the beauty of mind
Knew do I not about fall of mine?
When talked the silence of every word written, sighed I for my ruins –
“Truth is a perception,” said she as I imagined her again latching her lips to the cup of green tea; oh, how jealous I am of that cup.

“Magic it is not everyone sees, one must believe in it too” spoke I agreeing, denying not about the imperfection of perception, we both.

             Under an embrace of night, I laid  
Aware of the consequences;
Not love, ah, but destruction and dread
As I see faces, faces from my phases that races over my unkempt heart as a shirt white being ruined with the shade of red under the moon that’d feel lively touching her.
Brave what I to be?
Braved when boundaries she.

As talks, the departure unsaid, or unsure?
Need I say about the irresistible heart?
Ignored am I as inclined tell me, my friend?
Solemnly, would you;
Have I not been resisting –
All but a thought.

Define reality? What about an idea that reality occurs in the absence of illusion?

Spoke when she about virtues and ignorance, so the denials along with the happenings from that once – Remained I, ever since, as wait…longing as for reality in the mirror with one, and an illusion that confirms its being as two!



I write what i see, and feel what i breathe. Poetics, Realism is what i bathe in. Hope do i not that you see my words than just read?

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