Homely Departure


Artist; @talbetart

Begone did what must not
as speaks the tongue about gentleness
Speaks it a kind unknown to itself
but it does as stretched road amid meadows
with the facts unknown of lost stories
when in dark
these big oak trees turns to shadow.

Over the facts, not within
I traveled alone, but not alone
the voices inside were loud, until her;
If i were to write my sighs, the paper would cry too
and when arrived she, my breaths ran over a word, a single origin word of ‘You’

Small eyes, ever since in my vision
The cologne she had was of her own
my jealous heart wanted to be on her skin
and my fingers ran in my pocket in a want to touch her face
as sighed my innocence wanting her to let me in.

Oh, the sweet jealous i was of her
of them eyes gazing upon others too
of her lips having the taste of others than me
I was jealous of her voice so glorious
As i take her in mistaken she.

Cigarette she had amid her words
Wasn’t i there too, in them burns slow?
Didn’t i want to be there instead?
Oh darling, i’d have had that dance in your lungs as did the honored smoke.

                                             Haven’t i been addressed as a poet tragic?
For, i once held the grudges of time
Unaware, oh poor my heart was unaware of arrivals alike she
and it’d run wild, wild as a song of funeral of my words ‘Innocently Spoken
but i had a taste of her eyes laid upon me, in the denial of my actions.

Distant i tried to do my innocent to fall from
In the while when i met you;
Silver i’d become, as cry to a river as
Hollows your bye held that night
Afterwards… i sensed your never coming.

And i have your homely departure left with me;
Homely for its warmth
Departure for its goodbye.

© reserved. 


I write what i see, and feel what i breathe. Poetics, Realism is what i bathe in. Hope do i not that you see my words than just read?

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